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Four Benefits of Home Health Care for Your Senior’s Medication Management

Home health care providers might make a huge difference for your senior in terms of medication adherence.

Of all of the needs your senior might have, taking medication accurately might be among the most important ones. Home health care services can be integral to keeping your senior compliant with her prescriptions. That’s especially true if she’s facing cognitive challenges or if she’s taking a lot of different medications.

Helping Your Senior to Age in Place

Home Health Care Georgetown: Medicine Safety

For many seniors, being able to age in place relies on being able to manage health issues and to be able to meet her most pressing needs. Home health care can manage and administer medication to your senior that maintains her quality of life, which can be a crucial part of aging in place. When your elderly family member doesn’t have to worry that medication needs might force her out of her home, she’s much more likely to comply with her doctor’s prescriptions.

Ensuring Her Medication Is Taken Properly

Medication can get confusing, especially for older adults. The risk grows when your elderly family member takes multiple medications at different times of day. Some medications have to be taken with food, while others have to be taken on an empty stomach. Letting home health care providers manage all of that ensures your senior is taking her medication exactly how it’s prescribed.

Making Sure Your Senior Doesn’t Skip Doses

The other factor that can make a huge difference for your senior is that she might be inadvertently skipping doses. If she doesn’t have a set way for keeping track, she might feel it’s better to avoid a dose of a medication, particularly if she can’t remember if she already took the medication or not. Home health care providers keep track of medications as your senior takes them, so there are no mistakes with missed doses.

Watching for Side Effects from Medications

There’s more to it than just taking medications properly and in the right dosages. Some medications may start to cause side effects for your senior that are not pleasant and even downright unsafe. Having someone there who is watching for those possible side effects can be a huge relief for you and can help your senior to feel more confident in taking her medications.

Taking medication is serious for your senior. Her doctor prescribes medications in order to help her with specific health concerns, so it’s vital that your elderly family member is taking her medications correctly. Home health care ensures that happens.

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