Companion Care at Home

Providing superior home health care for your aging parent or loved one. Stay in Place Senior Care is a Canadian owned, family run business offering a personalized approach to your elderly care needs. Seeking home care can be a very difficult and demanding task. Whether your loved one is transitioning home after a hospital stay, residing in long-term care, or living at home, Stay in Place Senior Care is here to make assisted living easier for you.

Our certified caregivers support and nurture our clients’ need for independence, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. It is our mission to give clients and families comfort knowing that assisted living is being delivered with compassion, dignity and respect. Together we work with families, clients and caregivers to develop and execute a care plan that best suits your needs. Communication with our caregivers is our priority to ensure care is precise and up to date.

What is Companion Care?

Close connections are key to health aging. Although many of our clients live independently, it can sometimes get lonely. Let our Companions be the listening ear they need, and the encouragement they are seeking. Services of companionship include but are not limited to:


Stay In Place PSWs provide seniors companionship and conversation. Sometimes that looks like simply sitting down to share a meal together. Socialization enhances the health, happiness and quality of life of seniors.

Meal Preparation

Stay In Place PSWs make great meals that are warm and nutritious. If clients are able, they can help with meal preparation. The more involved the client, the better!  Many clients do not have the chance to eat a well-balanced meal.  Meal preparation helps seniors get the nutrition they need and keeps them healthy.


Whether done at the laundromat, or in the client’s home, Stay In Place caregivers are experienced with washing, drying, ironing, folding and putting clothes away. We involve seniors to make sure laundry is done to their standards.

Light Housekeeping

Light housekeeping includes moving clutter from high-traffic areas, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, washing dishes, and straightening all rooms.

Grocery Shopping & Running Errands

Stay In Place PSWs pick up groceries at the client’s preferred store. They also run errands like picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, or heading to the post office. Clients may stay home or assist with shopping and errands This is a great way to stay active.


Stay In Place PSWs assist with transportation to doctor appointments, hair and beauty appointments, religious services, or getting together with friends. Getting out of the house is good for everyone’s spirit and keeps seniors engaged with their community.

Medication Reminders

Stay In Place caregivers can help remind clients to take their own medication as prescribed. Our caregivers can also help open medication containers, read labels and remind the senior when it is time to take a medication.

We provide exceptional care, but don’t just take our word for it. Read our testimonials to find out how we will support your family.

We provide companion care and therapeutic recreation at home in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke and Western GTA.

Companion Care in Mississauga

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Our certified Therapeutic Recreationists provide meaningful activities to individuals with cognitive or physical limitations. Our services aim to restore or maintain your loved one’s level of functioning while allowing them to preserve their independence and dignity.

Our Therapeutic Recreationists will provide the following for our clients:

  • Create specific activities based on the client’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs and preferences
  • Provide stimuli that engages the client
  • Modify client’s hobbies to ensure success despite physical or cognitive limitations
  • A sympathetic and understanding approach to early onset or progressive dementia
  • Promote independence and a sense of purpose through recreation and leisure

Recreation therapy uses engaging activities, such as hobbies, games, puzzles, or leisure activities, to maintain and further a senior’s physical abilities, independence, and overall well-being.

These actions benefit seniors recovering from, or living with, a disease or injury. Recreational therapeutic activities can take place at-home with the help of a home health care professional.

The benefits have been shown to improve mental function, physical health, and the ability to socialize.

Companion Care at Home | Stay In Place Senior Care

How Do Families Get Started with Stay In Place Senior Care?

Getting started with Stay In Place is easy. Finding home care for yourself or a loved one often begins with one simple question – “Where do I begin?” By answering a few questions about who needs care and their current situation, our online “Get Started” form will help our staff get connected with your family to discuss your needs.

Whether home care is required immediately, or you’re simply researching options, Stay In Place Senior Care is a great place to start. Talk to our caring staff today.

How Does a Personal Support Worker Help with Companion Care?

Personal support workers (PSWs) care for people who are ill, elderly or need help with daily tasks. They make sure clients are comfortable, safe and enjoy emotional and physical well-being.

PSWs may work for a long-term care facility or in a client’s home as an employee of a home care agency.  They may also be called a personal aide, home support worker, or personal care attendant.

In General, Personal Support Workers Do the Following:

  • Care for people and families during periods of illness or recovery.
  • Provide bedside and personal care to clients and help them move, bathe, groom and get dressed and undressed.
  • Plan and prepare meals.
  • Help with light housekeeping – for example, do laundry, wash dishes and make beds.
  • Spend time talking with their clients.

Our personalized and affordable services are available 7 days a week and can range from a few hours to 24/7 live in care. View all our Services